Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Club de Conversación Marbella” (Marbella Conversation Club)?

“Club de Conversación Marbella” (Marbella Conversation Club) offers you an innovative, alternative way of learning a language.  Maybe you have grown weary of those same old tried and tested traditional teaching methods- and would much rather polish up your language skills in a chilled and amusing environment. If so, our Club is for you. We run interactive conversational courses in a number of different languages, in which current events and other areas of interest to the group are discussed at length.

How do the classes work?

“Club de Conversación Marbella” (Marbella Conversation Club) runs courses for elementary, intermediate and advanced students, at a selection of public places in and around Marbella. We get together once a week for an hour and a half’s total immersion in English, Spanish or other European languages.

How can I find out my level?

Registering on our webpage gives you instant access to an online level test consisting of 30 multiple choice questions. The score obtained in the test will enable you to select the group that best fits your language requirements.

How can I join the Club?

Once you have determined your level, you can browse through the available classes on our webpage. We will then get in contact with you to explain exactly how our system works and then two days before the first class you will receive the in initial study pack.

Why do you send me the study pack before each class?

Getting the material in advance gives students the chance to have a look through the chosen topics and thus prepare themselves for a fully interactive participation in the class.

What makes this "Club de Conversación Marbella” different?

While traditional Language schools concentrate on the study of grammar, often without really  letting students put their acquired theory skills into practice, at “Club de Conversación Marbella” (Marbella Conversation Club) we believe in a communicative approach; common interest topics are discussed by the group, with students encouraged to share their own experiences and points of view with each other in a second language. The desire to speak and express themselves obliges students to constantly push forward the frontiers of their knowledge. The teacher’s role here is to nurture and inspire, to help students correct their mistakes and remove their doubts, as their fluency and confidence grow.

“Club de Conversación Marbella” (Marbella Conversation Club) gives you the opportunity to totally immerse yourself in the world of Spanish once a week, meeting other people with similar goals.

How much do the classes cost?

The first is a trial class and ,therefore, free. Subsequent classes can be paid for by mean of a variety of different payment plans: study voucher, monthly and three monthly options are available.

Can I make up missed classes?

If you miss a class it has gone. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer makeup classes or refunds. For this reason, we recommend that you give some thought to your preferred payment plan before beginning your studies..